Need for Skilling ecosystems to ensure business growth and continuity

Projects Mirror, July 20, 2020

“With a young workforce of 830 million people, India has the potential to leverage its demographic dividend to become one of the strongest economies in the world. The Government of India’s policy-backed skill development initiative was a first step towards mapping the workforce’s potential and enhancing its employability. However, the skill gap is a constant area of concern and continues to widen due to inept investments in L&D and inadequate training infrastructure. Skilling, therefore, becomes integral to equip the workforce with the right competencies, especially in the new world order, where skillsets drive lean thinking and technology centricity.

Aerospace manufacturing is one of the world’s most niche industries with a ‘zero-error’ policy. The industry demands a workforce with highly specialized skills for critical processes such as machining, forging, turning and milling, surface treatment, and quality inspection. Knowledge and skill need to be equally demonstrated to succeed in this industry. Given the sector’s novelty, there is a dearth of aerospace-centric education and vocational training in engineering colleges, leaving the industry with a glaring skill-gap. To address these challenges, Aequs’ in-house training facility, Aerospace Knowledge Center (AKC), focuses on consistently updating the workforce with the latest developments in trends and technologies. AKC nurtures young engineers by imparting basic, advanced, and functional training, giving them the practical exposure they require on the shop floor. Aequs continuously synergizes between industry and academia by partnering with colleges in its vicinity to include relevant aerospace manufacturing topics within their curriculum.
Skillsets are acquired over time with regular practice and practical training. This World Youth Skills Day, let us continue to recognize the strategic importance of skilling to handle tomorrow’s manufacturing challenges by creating functional skilling ecosystems that ensure business growth and continuity. This will be instrumental in putting India on the map as a formidable manufacturing player.”

This article first appeared on Projects Mirror