Aerostructure Assembly

Aequs' aerostructure assembly unit, Aerostructures Assemblies India Pvt. Ltd (AAIPL), a joint venture with SAAB Technologies, for manufacturing assemblies, is an integral part of the aerospace value chain. AAIPL offers Build-to-Print (BTP), assembly solutions for Commercial Aircraft assemblies and Space Programs.

With all requisite certifications, including GRAMS, AS9100, OHSAS and qualifications from key customers, including AIPI (Airbus, Germany) & ABP (Airbus, UK) for assembly processes, AAIPL fosters agile industrialization and delivers superior customer value.

Commercial Aircraft Programs

AAIPL specializes in Build to Print assemblies for Door-3-Plug (D3P) and Over Wing Exit Door (OWED) structures (~ 2 meters long, weighing under 100 kgs) of the Airbus A321 Neo program. While AAIPL commenced its journey with Wing leading edge and Wing panel assemblies for the A380 program, the unit has consistently demonstrated maturity in accomplishing complex assembly of Door-3-Plug and strikingly rapid industrialization for high build rate OWED assembly line.

Space Programs

Making its mark in India's space program, AAIPL has built capabilities ranging from panel sub-assembly to larger size integrated assembly structures for space launch vehicles. The unit manufactures Nosecones, Aerodynamics Stabilizers for the PSLV program (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) and inter-stage assemblies and thrust frames for GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) program operated by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Besides manufacturing end products, AAIPL also designs and manufactures jigs and fixtures for related assemblies.

Our Capabilities

Build to Print Solutions

  • • Precision drilling
  • • Single Pass drill-ream CSK (Semi-automated drilling)
  • • Application of fay and fillet sealing
  • • Electrical bonding
  • • Installation of pre-designated torqued fasteners
  • • Installation of blind fasteners
  • • Riveting 
  • • Anti-gravity mechanism for an ergonomic working environment
  • • The standardized kit supply system
  • • Direct line Feed for BOI's (DLF)

Interchangeable Assemblies

  • • Lieca Laser Tracker
  • • Gauge R&R (approved from Airbus)


  • • Documentation Control
  • • Quality Clinic: KPI, RCCA
  • • APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) & PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) Airbus approved. 
  • • Value stream mapping -Lean initiatives
  • • Continuous improvement

Robust Supply Chain

  • • Global network 
  • • Supplier Evaluation
  • • Planning, review & monitoring


  • • Using PCDIMS Program
  • • Controlled environment 
  • • CMM for Small Jigs

ERP System

  • • Process Management: SAP 4HANA
  • • Material Planning

Packing & freight forwarding

  • • Airbus approved packing standards
  • • Logistics for export dispatch


  • • A structured program for engineers & operators-Project specific
  • • Refresher and re-training modules based on product quality review
  • • Dedicated induction training program highlighting company goal and objectives